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Marko Fürstenberg - Ghosts From The Past

Sep 12, 2014 ORN032

Marko Fürstenberg – “Ghosts From The Past” In certain ever-present moments, the ghosts from the past are following us. And sometimes they do so in order to gently help us on our way. We can find this theme on Marko Fürstenberg's latest release “Ghosts From The Past”. Marko, currently living in Leipzig, has been experimenting with sound since 1999.

Rooted in classical Dubtechno, he not only knows how to interpret it, he's extending it further with his own personal aesthetic. In 2001, his first releases on a number of netlabels

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Seekae - The Worry

Sep 12, 2014 FCL100LPSydney/London three-piece SEEKAE are excited to announce details of their third album and attendant tour. The Worry will be released via Future Classic on 12 September 2014. Over the past six years, the Australian-English outfit have won a hugely loyal following and a swag of awards for their signature blend of electronic pop, IDM, post-dubstep, post-rock, house and ambient. Their stunning debut The Sounds of Trees Falling On People was anointed one of the albums of the decade by FBi Radio; assured follow-up +Dome achieved Mojo Magazine’s Album of the Month in the UK andRead the whole story

Kalipo - Yaruto

Sep 12, 2014
ANTIME010LPKalipo is Jakob Häglsperger from Berlin who devotes himself to experimental electronica. His debut album Yaruto follows a series of remixes and contributions to compilations released by Antime and Stiff Little Spinners. On it, Häglsperger tries to create a both unique and timeless sound that takes cues from dance music, downbeat and Gamelan traditions alike. Making use of his wide array of analogue synthesizers, a Rhodes piano, a metallophone and guitars, Häglsperger is creating the abstract narrative of an impersonal biography by creating moods that correspond
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Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation N

Aug 27, 2014 corlp036Vinyl Box-Set limited to 500 copies + includes the Compilation on CD - Time is running…and it seems like we just woke up out of our interstellar sleep-mode as we are facing the arrival of the 14th edition of the almighty COCOON RECORDINGS COMPILATION. Starting with the letter “A” we reached “N” meanwhile which probably marks one of the longest running techno-compilation-series ever around. The list of the featured artists is amazing and almost endless. Big names like Funk D’Void, Alter Ego, Michael Mayer, Steve Bug, DJ Rush, Adam Port, ChristianRead the whole story

Various Artists - Deep Love 10

Aug 27, 2014 dirtcd07“10 Years of Dirt Crew Recordings” In 2004 we started our little label and had no idea it would take these proportions. This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary. After many years of changing music styles and hypes we are very happy to be stronger as ever and still up and running with a monthly output. The best thing about all this is that Vinyl is back and we over won the Digital vs Vinyl “crisis". We even started or new sub label “S P I E L” last year that focuses on more Indie and Disco orientated music. With recent big albums fromRead the whole story

Mr Raoul K - Still Living In Slavery - The Album

Aug 27, 2014
bbmcd001'Still Living In Slavery' is Mr Raoul K's third album. It is, however, the first one that will be released on his own label 'baobab music'.  He thought for quite some time about to shift the African instruments and African rhythm structures that uses in his production processs into a more dominant, more exposed position. Giving them a role of there own and freeing them from being bound to a groove coined by a four-to-the-floor kickdrum. While using dominating drumsounds when producing records aimed for the dancefloor seemed reasonible , they weren't needed for
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November 3rd
  1. EXCL2LPE Ernesto Ferreyra — “Some Kind Of Sign” CADENZA
  2. EXCL1CDA Ernesto Ferreyra — “Some Kind Of Sign” CADENZA
October 27th
  1. EXCL1LPD Silliboy — “Stalker” KLIK
  2. EXCL1CDA Sillyboy — “Stalker” KLIK
  3. EXCL1CDA Larytta — “Jura” CREAKED
  4. EXCL12"I Pan-pot — “Conductor Ep” WATERGATE RECORDS
October 20th
  1. EXCL12"E Lido — “I Love You” PELICAN FLY / BECAUSE
  2. EXCL12"E Neil Landstrumm — “Knights Of Shame Ep” KICK + CLAP / BECAUSE
  3. EXCL2LPI Paco Osuna — “Long Play” MINUS
  4. EXCL2LPI And — “Cosmic Microwave Background” ELECTRIC DELUXE
  5. EXCL12"J And — “Dark Matter” ELECTRIC DELUXE
  6. EXCL12"I Trulz & Robin — “Sol” FULL PUPP
  7. EXCL1CDA And — “Cosmic Microwave Background” ELECTRIC DELUXE
  8. EXCL1CDA The Smoke Clears — “Listen” FURTHER RECORDS
  9. EXCL1LPC The Smoke Clears — “Listen” FURTHER

Media and DJ comments

Mike Parker — “Lustration Remixes By Edit Select, Casse” on PROLOGUE MUSIC

DJ: “James Ruskin: Great set of mixes ...Thanks!!!! Marcel Fengler: Cassegrain remix is sick! Will play for sure! Thx Efdemin: nice trippy release! Joel Mull: The Edit Select Remix is definitely Hypnotizing me. Thank you for the Music. Terence Fixmer: Love all/ Oscar Mulero: Sarychev mix for me. will try. thx! Dustin Zahn: nice remix package! Real deep and mental stuff. Realistically, the one I'll get the opportunity to play the most is the Edit Select version. thanks! Electric Indigo: very useful release, thank you! Jonas Kopp: Svreca remix!!! thanks. ”

Tommy Four Seven — “Ox” on CLR

DJ: “Soukie & Windish Oscar Mulero Remix is wicked Favorite Track: OX 1 (Oscar Mulero Remix) Rating: 4/5 Cole Medina nice! Favorite Track: OX 1 (Oscar Mulero Remix) Rating: 4/5 Arnaud Le Texier Nice EP & great Remix from Oscar. Thx Favorite Track: OX 1 (Oscar Mulero Remix) Rating: 4/5 Dvs1 Both are nice, but oscar for me on this one. Favorite Track: OX 2 Rating: 4/5 Ben Klock OX 2 is quite a killer. Big! Perc This is great, especially OX 2 thanks for sending! Pfirter Wow its great! specially b2 and also mulero remix, awesome :) Audio Injection/Truncate Killer tunes thanks man! Kr!z This is sick man. My favs are ox2 & oscar’s rmx. Shall be played this weekend. Bas Mooy wicked!!! as always :) thanks man!!! Shifted really like these.. esp OX 2 ”

Abstract Matters — “Neighbours Ep” on CYNOSURE

DJ: “Orde Meikle (Slam) - love these - great stuff thanks Alland Byallo (Third ear, Bad Animal) So. Damn. Good. All three are gonna be played in every set of mine for a long time. Right up my alley, my boulevard, my avenue, my strasse.So. Damn. Good. All three are gonna be played in every set of mine for a long time. Right up my alley, my boulevard, my avenue, my strasse. ryan crosson (vision quest) love these two separate and they make a great combo together! I prefer the bookends, Neighbors and Mennie. Thanks!!! Franco Cinelli - Nico Lahs <3, Cynosure <3! Deadbeat - bombs for days Brett Johnson - Played this last night. HEAT! Philip Sherburne - Deep, deep, deep. Digging! Konrad Black - Sickness....love 'em. Molly - Nice one !! love all tracks .. thank you Yaya - This ep is fucking good!! I love all the tracks but Neighbours is the bomb !! Thanks !! Danny Tenaglia - all good...thanks!!!! Dj Poontz - Love the deep sexy sound Blond:ish - neighbours is the bizzniss :) interplane too ... loops well too! Andrew Grant - you put smooth into Techno!!! luving the sounds Catz n Dogz - oh yes neighbours are awesome! Voigtmann - Killer Cynosure as usual! GREAT Walker Barnard - Love it! All three tracks are solid. Will be playing these tonight. Tobias Van Veen - A darker and more committed sound for Cynosure, these are clipped anthems for dancefloor denizens. "Abstract Matters" is an especially well-crafted track, containing a kind of relentless motion into the deep — it reminds me of the moving shadows that used to haunt TO's obscure BLUE label. Joel Alter - Nice warm and soft sounding! Still with power. Karotte - Mennie is great. and neighbours i cool to. love it. Nitin - Nice tracks! Mennie is the one i'm leaning towards. ”

Dubspeeka — “Fargo Ep” on SENSO SOUNDS

DJ: “Joran Van Pol – “The next cool EP from dubspeeka!! I’m gonna be trying Spiral Tribe for sure!” Stephan Bodzin – “Big Big BIG!! Fargo is just brilliant, will also play Move. As I said, Big, Big, BIG!! J” Oliver Schories – “Very nice EP from dubspeeka!! The Alternative version is really standing out for me here.” Jewel Kid – “Everything on here sounds so good, but Fargo is my very favourite!!” Pig (Pig&Dan) – “YES, dubspeeka’s Spiral Tribe is a serious groover!! Supporting!” James Zabiela – “I’m diggin’ Spiral Tribe all the way on this one guys!” Laurent Garnier – “Gotta be MOVE that moves me most here...” MiniCoolBoyz – “Always great tracks from dubspeeka, especially Spiral Tribe!” Marc Marzenit – “The Original and Alternative versions of Fargo are sounding great to me!! Will support.” Christillization Radio, Serbia – “Fargo is a good tune for us... gonna be testing it out for sure.” Mauro Picotto – “Brilliant release!! I’m loving most of the dubspeeka stuff right now. Move my fav here.” Ian O’Donovan – “Cool EP. Liking Spiral Tribe the most on first listen, but great production on all tracks!” Nick Warren – “RED HOT as always from dubpeeka, well done my baber. Spiral Tribe my fav.” Nicole Moudaber – “This is another wicked dubspeeka release!! Support on everything here from me.” Kaiserdisco – “We are loving this new Senso from dubspeeka!! Such a great release. Move!” Arjun Vagale – “Some lovely techno right here... duspeeka never disappoints does he... Spiral Tribe!” Ambivalent – “Move is sounding SICK, and so is Fargo!! 5/5 release from dubspeeka.” The Junkies – “Love the dark vibe of Spiral Tribe... We’re looking forward to giving it a try this weekend.” Gary Beck – “Some lovely tunes here from dubspeeka. Move and Spiral Tribe in particular.” Monika Kruse – “Oliver Huntemann’s new label showing again that he has great taste. Good release from dubspeeka!!! Fargo!” Ramiro Lopez – “VERY cool release from dubspeeka! Looking forward to playing Spiral Tribe.” Marc Miroir – “Another great release from dubspeeka. Move is a real burner... I’m a fan J” Karotte – “Strong new release from dubspeeka, in fact I’m into everything on here!” Adam Beyer – “BIG fan, been playing both Move and Fargo for a fair while already now.” Jon Rundell – “Like the Alternative Fargo version on this package. Gonna be playing it this weekend.” Danny Howells – “Another smasher ... strong release but Move is gonna sound lethal on a big system me thinks!” Psycatron – “All over this ep, wicked stuff as always from dubspeeka!! Playing!” Secret Cinema – “Its got to be Move and Spiral Tribe for me here. So nice and trippy!!” Joris Voorn – “Great jacking release from dubspeeka. All nice tools with a different flavour. Supporting!” Gregor Tresher – “Its gonna be Move for me on this new dubspeeka. Such a great groover!!” Alan Fitzpatrick – “Fargo is the latest dubspeeka BOMB track going into my sets!!” Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse, Ireland) – “I love everything this guy does. Mad respect. Will play all these out and on my radio show.” Diversions – (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “Well crafted release – especially like the pulsating dark vibe of MOVE!!” AMDJS Radio – (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – “The Alternative version of Fargo is WICKED!!” ”

Oliver Huntemann — “Blitz & Donner” on SENSO SOUNDS

DJ: “Adam Beyer – “Its got to be Blitz for me here. Good early morning stuff...” Microtrauma – “Yesssss... Both tracks are fantastic! Can’t wait to play this stuff. Thanks for sending.” Rafa Siles – “Amazing first release from Oliver!!! Congrats!! Playing and charting Donner and Blitz!” The Ashton Shuffle – (Triple J Radio, Australia) – “WOW!! Living Donner!! Will look to support.” Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse, Ireland) – “Blitz wins it for me here. Great launch EP. Best of luck for the new venture.” Stefano Fontana – (Scrunch, Radio Deejay, Italy) – “Blitz could work for me. Solid track.” Stephan Bodzin – “Full support for another strong Huntemann release. Both track got that typical signature and drive which only Oliver delivers. Killer!” Shaded – “I’m diggin’ Donner... That slow and chuggy vibe… Feeling that!!” Mixhell – “Donner is a heavy.. HEAVY record!!” Sharam – “LOVESonner. Innovative and beautifully executed. MORE OF THIS PLEASE.” Kaiserdisco – “Solid EP from Oliver. We’ll be playing both of these a lot!!” Crookers (Phra) – “Huge fan of Huntemann since forever... Donner is amazing!!” Monika Kruse – “Blitz will hit the dancefloor like a real Blitz! (flash)” Joran van Pol – “Really like both Donner and Blitz!! I’ll be supporting these in my sets.” Macromism – “Huntemann always ROCKS and this EP is DOPE!! Donner the favourite.” Carlo Lio – “Oli is a beast... Awesome release... Both of these new traks are DOPE!!” Pan-Pot (Tas) – “FAT tracks as always from Oliver!! Donner is my fav here, support.” The Junkies – “I love the tension that builds up in Donner. We’ll definitely be giving this a go!” Nicole Moudaber – “This is an amazing new EP. I love Oliver’s music and I’ll be playing both of these heavily.” Andre Kronert – “Donner is sounding cool to me. Very nice and trippin’. Gonna check this one out further.” Jewel Kid – “WOW! These are both KILLER new tracks from Oliver!! Will be playing. Donner my fav.” Karotte – “Both of these new Huntemann cuts are dark and cool. I like them. Support!” Christian Smith – “Senso reminds me of espresso J Donner reminds me of Dubfire’s Ribcage. Very good track Oliver! Will play for sure!” Diversions – (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “I like Donner with its intricately woven and tightly shifting rhythms and minimal use of elements for a dark trippy dancefloor pull!” AMDJS Radio – (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – “WICKED new release from Huntemann!!” Bramus D – (Delta FM, Argentina) – “This is an amazing EP!! We’ll support on air!” ”

New releases


released Monday Sep 15, 2014

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