March 23, 2018

Hidden Empire - Mind Palace (2lp)

svt216lpBridging instrumental tact with melodic mysticism, live act and DJ duo Hidden Empire present their debut album Mind Palace, the fruit of their labour of one whirlwind year. On Stil vor Talent they find a welcome home, having already gained traction with several releases on the label as well as other renowned imprints such as Suara and Filth On Acid. Ranging from downtempo electronica to iterative techno with groovy house incursions, the diversity of the genres explored across the 12 tracks mirror the Cologne-based artists’ own sonorous influences as well as their diverse musical sympathies. Fluid, atmospheric tracks set a consistently lush vibe overall, from the esoteric kickoff track Journey into Self to subtle warm-up tools like the oriental-instilled Hummus and Fafnir, or the couple’s first vocal collaboration Pure. Fellow Cologne singer Inga Nelke brings a touch of sensuality with her soft vocal chops atop a broken beat-infused melody accented with gripping piano chords. But it’s in club tracks that the album abounds, found often in antithetical pairings, whether it’s the marriage of a Moog bassline and warm Caribbean rhythms in Detroit in Limbo or the juxtaposition of analogue and digital rhythms on In The Woods, created using sylvan recordings as percussion. It’s the title track Mind Palace, however, that reaches the apex of antipolar combinations, displaying a breakbeat-heavy lead doused in exotic vocals perched onto a steady bassline, underlining the artists’ knack for innovative rhythms.


March 23, 2018

V/A (compiled By DJ Yogo) - R12: Contemporary Sounds Of Tel Aviv

.R1201Fascinating compilation review on Tel Aviv´s New Music Scene! ( remixed Israeli-Yemenite disco number from the seventies, a bundle of colourful andpsychedelic beats, a gentle and wellpolished pop tune, a song so frank it hurts that develops into a percussive devil’s dance,and three tracks touched by poetry: a modern-electronic rendition to the groundbreaking iconic Tel-Aviv) TRACKLIST: 1. DJ Caress - Stories (feat. Shimon Adaf & Herzel Shviro) 2. Rabo & Snob - Ilussions 3. Jerome C - Dont Say Im Crazy (feat. Einat) 4. Roy Harmon - Geshem+Geula 5. Ahmed Silan - Hemalot 6. Assaf Amdursky - Yona 7. Ryskinder - No Love at the Basketball Team (The Models Remix) 8. Mo Rayon - One Night (At Erawan Resort) 9. Zohar Wagner - Shtucha 10. Alek Lee - Amore 11. Ori & Yehezkel – Honesty “Rothschild 12” operated between 2009 and 2017 in the heart of Tel-Aviv, near the bustling intersection of Herzl street and Rothschild boulevard. Located on the ground floor of an elegant eclectic-style building which was built by Mr. Abraham Fogel exactly 100 years before it opened, “Rothschild 12″ began as an art gallery and quickly became a popular relaxed café and bar. While its front terrace faced the hustle and bustle of the city’s main boulevard, in its back room “Rothschild 12” hosted nightly live shows by a variety of established as well as up and coming independent musicians. What started off as improvised jam sessions soon developed into a full program ranging from jazz and rock to world music, hip hop and electronica. Now that “Rothschild 12″ is relocating to a new venue on Herzl street, it is time for a summary – a snapshot of the musical diversity which filled its walls – in the form of the compilation you are now holding


March 5, 2018

Trux - Orbiter LP

AVE66-04There’s been an air of hypnagogic mystery surrounding Acid Test’s sublabel Avenue 66 from the start. Joey Anderson’s oblique, Prince-inspired incantation “Above The Cherry Moon” set the tone for a label that’s sound that has found beauty in the furthest recesses of the dance floor, in the murkiest decay of kick drums and rave stabs. Fitting then, that the first album on the imprint comes from Trux, an artist who has chosen to reveal nearly nothing about themselves. Following a cult classic mini-LP for Office Recordings, “Orbiter” bears out the anonymous producer as a master of liminal, conceptual dance music. “Orbiter’s” ten tracks have a vaporous, shape-shifting quality, threatening to topple over into full-on kick drum bliss or vanish into ambience. Opener, “With It,” moves from heady ambient rush to skeletal piano, while “Blinko” and “Roy’s Garage” spell out a hazy memoriam for the UK continuum. Forlorn pianos ring out amongst the field recordings, excitable toms and jungle bass all softened in the enveloping gauze. “Orbiter” positions Trux as an unknown auteur who puts evocative world of tone and echo into dizzying motion, content to watch from the wings.


March 5, 2018

Zoe Mcpherson - String Figures LP

sf01 A multi-platform production that explores the overlap between the digital and the or-ganic through field recordings of Inuit throat singing may sound, on surface level, to be something that is a rather niche. However, Zoe Mc Pherson’s exploration of this world on String Figures is a deeply rhythmic, immersive and forward-thinking piece of elec-tronic-leaning music that remains just as danceable as it does experimental. The album is fundamentally one of duality, exploring the traditional and the contem-porary, organic and electronic, audio and visual, history and the future. Rooted in this duality is also a core theme around string being one of the most ancient and playful art forms and the seemingly infinite possibilities it offers in terms of shapes, structures and figures lines up with this as a trans-global art project. One that over time will involve video art, choreography, 3D motion design, macro film, instrumental and electronic sound. Although for now is being presented through an AV performance, films and a record with Mc Pherson collaborating with director Alessandra Leone Over the seven tracks (which are laid out as chapters) the record explores glitchy elec-tronics, dub-tinged grooves, polyrhythms, and a huge array of instruments that takes in quiet blasts of atonal sax alongside wonky synths. This of course cross-pollinates with the throat singing and experimental field recordings to create an utterly inimitable sonic sphere. 


February 2, 2018

Robert Cohen-solal - Les Shadoks-collectors Edition / 50th Anniversary Vinyl Collectors Editio


Les Shadoks (50th Anniversary Edition) - Collector's VINYL Edition (LP + 7"): High glossy gatefold sleeve, French + English liner notes / poster inlay with Shadok drawing by Robert Cohen-Solal, hype sticker

- Les Shadoks soundtrack by Robert Cohen-Solal available for the first time ever in its entirety, cut and mastered from the original reels, made in cooperation with the artist.
- For fans of musique concrète, electro-acoustic, psychedelic, early electronics, experimental, soundtrack, library, oddities, cartoons, 60s and 70s music, Prospective 21ème Siècle series, Bernard Parmegiani, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Luc Ferrari, Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Bruno Spoerri, Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM).

WRWTFWW Records is delighted to announce the release of the complete soundtrack of cult French animated TV series Les Shadoks (1968-1974) by Robert Cohen-Solal, available for the first time ever in its entirety. Right in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jacques Rouxel and René Borg's legendary television cartoon, this collector's item comes in two versions: a limited edition 12" + 7" vinyl album housed in a high glossy gatefold and with an exclusive Shadok drawing by Robert Cohen-Solal, and a digipack CD. Both versions are cut and mastered from the original reels under the supervision of the artist, and contain liner notes in French and English.

Electro-acoustic pioneer and eminent member of the illustrious GRM (Groupe de recherches musicales, the French equivalent of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop), Robert Cohen-Solal has explored music and sound alongside luminaries such as Bernard Parmegiani, Pierre Henry, Luc Ferrari, and Iannis Xenakis, and is responsible for numerous projects in the field of applied music, soundtracks (documentaries, shorts etc.), and experimental recordings. His work on Les Shadoks is simply extraordinary - a fascinating and bizarre collage of wacky electro pop (à la Jean-Jacques Perrey), drones, musique concrète, classical, and dadaist sound experiments seamlessly mixing into a cohesive and cinematic listening experience. The ideal soundtrack for what will remain one of the weirdest animated TV series ever created!

A true literary, cultural and philosophical phenomenon in France, Les Shadoks caused a sensation while airing between 1968 and 1974. Its unique combination of Alfred Jarry-style surrealism, off-centered British humor, and US comic strip inspiration, all brought to life by illustrated bird-like creatures (reminiscent of Paul Klee's La machine à gazouiller), left a lasting mark, making the term Shadok an often-used satirical expression to describe policies and attitudes considered to be absurd.