“In A Rush”

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UPC A Barcode: 827170486867 Releasedate: 18.02.2013 Tracklisting: A1 In A Rush B1 Tangled Track Lawrence is always in a rush. Running Dial Records, Smallville and Laid with his friends, being part in an awesome arts gallery, jamming some outerspace music with his mates RVDS and Christian Naujoks, DJ-travelling around the globe: How can he ever find the time for producing high quality House Music!? Between the floors on any Shinkansen Express, TGV or intercontinental flight Lawrence draws music scetches- still highly influenced by the night outs from Nagasaki to New York. Smallville 34 prooves once more how far you can go with some wonderful inspiration. Simplicity meets beyondness, confusion meets love. Be in a rush to just arrive back dancing your life away.

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Hans Nieswandt: “A very good record for my midnight radio show - Lawrence is always putting you in the mood.”

mathias kaden: “really like it!!!!!;-)thanksssss”

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