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As it’s getting cold outside, this music makes me warm inside! The nights are getting longer, stars are shining bright- it is time for the season of real deepness again. Smallpeople come along with another joint in splendid House Music to welcome wintertime. Dionne and Julius Steinhoff had an enormous success with their “Meadows” EP together with Christopher Rau on Smallville in last year’s autumn. That Smallpeople issue has been celebrated by all the Deep House buddies such as Fred P, Jus Ed, Dj Koze and Lawrence, MCDE, XDB, RNDM, etc- and it was included on some great compilations, like the “Timeless” mix by Lawrence on Cocoon or Gilles Smith’ 10 Years of Secret Sundaze CD. Tracklisting A Black Ice B1 Stellar B2 Little River

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DJ Feedback: “ Magazine - DE:BUG

Magazine - DE:BUG

review to follow

Mueller & Mitch

little rver!


The tracks are really nice, especially "Little River". But what really makes this release stand out is the Polarbear on the cover. Soooo cute! (hug)


wow. smallpeople are never disappointing ! full support ! 5/5

Anthony Collins

black ice is so good

Dario Zenker

beautiful as of my fav labels.

Ralf Kollmann

Super! Alle 3...

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

nice one

Arnaud Le Texier

La classe ;-) Nice music will play on my next radio show & in some parties for sure... Thanks


cool ep thanks

Joao Girao (Bloop Records)

Love it!!! Will play and chart, thank you so much!!!

Vincent Lemieux

Great way to start the week. Love the music and the artwork. Thnaks again for the pormo.

Livio & Roby

Nice Release! Thanks!

Journalist: Michel Leuffen (Groove, Prinz, Piranha)

three tracks that light my day up!!!!

Blog - Resident Advisor

Thanks! Downloading.

Matthias Meyer

wie immer.....super!

Mark Henning

black ice sounds dope!

Tom Demac

wicked as ever! will be poddy'fying 'little river' !!


great great great.... will play black ice & little river!

Mr. G



beautiful works


Greaaaaaaaaat! Deepness. Lovely


thanks for this. great !!!!!

Christopher Çolak (Halfstereo, Istanbul)

Sweet analogue sound here. Love all tracks and will play. Support, especially gor the Stellar.


wicked raw grooves! thanks a lot!

Santiago Salazar

I really dig Black Ice and Stellar. Little River is a gem! Thanks

Spencer Parker

black ice is DOPE !! thanks !! : )


dope ep...alle 3 stücke killer!


Simple yet succulent, this laid back groove mission bridges the late night disco vibe with the dawning of a new day!

Philip Sherburne

Top material, as ever, from Smallville. This oughtta keep me warm this autumn.


damn! why didnt i get this yesterday before i played the sunday party? i would have played all of these!



Falko Brocksieper

perfect spook-house on "black ice"!! gonna play this for a long time. the other tracks are lovely too..


this is really nice. smallville are not letting their standards drop a jot recently. black ice is probably my pick but little river is also dope

Sergey a.m. (Propaganda Moscow)

very cool!

Magazine - / Telford

I love smallville and this release is no exception. I can see this getting played all winter. Many thanks for the music

Franklin De Costa

sweet deepness again. black ice for me.

Philipp Jung (M.A.N.D.Y.)

downloaded. thank you for good music!


My favorite Smallpeople EP so far. Mesmerising!


love that deep acid vibe over here , thanks !

Eddy Richards

nice, thanks


outstanding release. love it! thanx.

Chris Wood

Black Ice is good !


Sweet EP!!! Black Ice & Little River are my favs!!! Will play!!!

Alex Flitsch

timeless tracks...wonderful release!

Electric Indigo

love black ice !!!

The Mountain People

black ice, yes the dark months are here and this is the soundtrack

Marko Nastic

o yes! tnx


Black Ice, nice one!

Alland Byallo

Another instand classic from Smalliville. Love "Stellar".


just well thought and emotional, stellar and little river is just irresistible, smallvile is just so reliable imprint, thanks for the beautiful music thruout the years, respect...


love it!

Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

lovely ep ! clever music as usual !

Benna Schneider

perfect tracks for my warm up sets!

Maik Loewen

Another awesome Smallpeople release! Love it!!! Thanks :)

Magazine - Posivision mag

sounds really cool, will play it tonight on


Grosse Platte....THANKS!

Markus Fix

amazing....full support...

Gruber & Nürnberg

Smallpeople - big sound - awesome tracks!!!


Smallville always hit the right spot for me. this is quality stuff once again. Stellar will be getting the spins in the clubs.


great ep !!, i like the 3 tracks, sup class & deep stuff ! thx

Franck Roger

black ice for me thxxxx


again and again great releases on smallville . Full support !

Brothers Vibe

Love it man... :o)

Claude VonStroke

DL for VonStroke

DJ Sneak

not for me, very cool still.

Adam Port

As always 5 of 5 for SMALLVILLE!!! Love the ep but have no favorit etill now. The weekend will let me find one! Powwww. a

Ruede Hagelstein

very interesting! thanks

Matt Star

Black ice is nice.


great ep !! thx !

Justin Field



ice skating, beautiful!


ah, this is great yet again from Smallville. i think it'd be a challenge to the label to send me something i don't like... full, unbridled support from me. x

Daniel Steinberg

super e.p.

Sebastian Wilck

hands up for black ice! thanks will try it

Davide Squillace

Download fro Davide... thks !

really like the deep and sexy vibes of Black Ice...full support...thx !!

Mutlu (Bar25)


Rene Breitbarth

ziemlich gut :)


top release. not a sleeper in the bunch.

Alexander Maier

black ice is a beauty. full support!

Matthew Adams

There is a reason why Smallville (and of course Dionne/Julius) is amongst my favourite labels and this EP just underlines that. Full support!

Mikael Stavöstrand

awesome .. love Smallville .. thanks :)

Daze Maxim

love this Ep !

Daze Maxim

love this Ep !

Sebo K

superb release as always !

Robert Dietz

really into black ice.

Patrick Bateman

not feeling it...

Dj Jee (Technorama / Tsugi)

Fantastic Ep !!! Review for sure in december issue !

Heiko Hoffmann (Groove / Radio Fritz Nightflight)

sounds good


good chillout!

Ray Okpara

stellar is the one for me;)
pls send me WAVs:

Tim Green

ace release again! liking all three tracks. Especially Black ice and Little River.



Tolga Fidan


Soukie & Windish

Black ice for the floor, Littler River for the couch!

Blog - / Tim Sweeney

Sounds really nice.


smooth EP

Mandy Jordan

all three tracks are lovely. Thank you smallville!

Dirty Doering

black ice i like!!!!

Martin Landsky

smooth and niiiiice.....quality


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