Christopher Rau

“Asper Clouds”

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When Dérive Records released “Ne Travaillez Jamais” in 2009, Christopher Rau succeeds what rarely happens to the universe of House Music: He creates a longtime everybody’s darling, a dream around that one magic loop which would last forever on the dancefloors. Now after releases on Staub, Laid and Smallville the dream develops, the magic expands: Christopher Rau`s Debut Album Asper Clouds builds up one hour of pure beauty. No trend to be followed no invention to be intended it is the reduced gorgeousness that lets us float on sweet Asper Clouds. Nick Holder, Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Pete Rock, J Dilla- they all simply cached the right sense for magic samples, heavenly loops, warmest basslines- Christopher Rau might not connect to this heroes personally but he belongs to those magician who forms happiness out of a lowest amount of ingredients. It has been the sweetness and warmth of the city of Hamburg, it’s delightful venues such as the Golden Pudel Club and Smallville Parties at Ego that made him diving into deepest music. After “Ne Travaillez Jamais” became the favorite track of all Smallville and Dial Djs and Rau played on one of those magic nights the idea of an Album was born. The plan was as simple and lovely as the music on Asper Clouds is. Here comes the sun.

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Nori: “great album, really nice soft groove!!”

DE:BUG: “Der Hamburger, der im letzten Jahr mit seinem auf Derivé Records veröffentlichten Debüt-Track “Ne Travaillez Jamais”, einer magischen, sechs minütigen House-Meditation, gleich für großes Aufsehen gesorgt hat, hat auf “Asper Clouds”, so der Name seines Albums, neun weitere introvertiert schwebende House-Perlen vereint. Anders als sein etwas fester zupackender Dub-Techno-Release auf Giegling vor ein paar Wochen, knüpft Rau hier wieder nahtlos an das beruhigende Fließen von “Ne Travaillez Jamais” oder “Cloverfield Days”, seiner Kollaboration mit Jacques Bon auf der Smallville-Compilation, an. Das Cover-Artwork kommt wie bei allen Smallville-Releases von Stefan Marx. Erscheinen wird “Asper Clouds” am 25. Oktober.”

Efdemin (Dial): “amazing house-album. I play this a lot and for a long time! ”

Mathias Kaden: “great album from christopher rau!!!i really like the mood from the whole album.... thankssss so much!!!! ”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “beautiful album! full suport from me.”

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