Melchior & Pronsato

“Puerto Rican Girls”

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Bringing the virtuosity into contemporary dancemusic, two protagonists found themselves as being the new dreamteam of the scene: Thomas Melchior and Bruno Pronsato. And it works perfectly- Melchior, the perfectionist who always sets new standards regarding minimal house music and Pronsato, the scientist who discovers the unheard and the unbelievable. Both living in Berlin, Melchior & Pronsato connected their world of sound and built one of the loveliest records in the whole universe of reduced deepness. On “Puerto Rican Girls” Melchior & Pronsato play the most wonderful Rhodes-line ever created connected with a never-to-stop-rhythm that could last for ages. It features the voice of Ninca Leece, who just released a super sweet record on Bruno Pronsato’s imprint Thesongsays. Pure Love! On the B-side “We make it right” brings together what belongs together- a fluffy bassline with that kind groove which makes the sun shining brighter.

SMALLVILLE20 in the media

boris werner: “Cool trippy vibe, digging the puerto rican girls. perfect to warm up the night.”

Efdemin (Dial): “Amazing! both - music and artwork. ”

Feedback: “

Alland Byallo: Amazing! Simply stunning. Puerto Rican Girls is the JAM!


Anthea: We Make It Right!! Tune!


Anthony Collins: massive ep whoooo !!!


Axel Bartsch: very beautiful!


Benna Schneider: nice one


Benno Blome: very nice! exciting combo. sound like two promising jams.


Butane: mofongo


Dan Drastic: cool tracks. not really maintime material ;)


Daniel Stefanik: yes, they make it right! :))


Dario Zenker: super deep stuff! love it.


DeWalta: one of the best records 2010. amazing tracks with great tension

and pushing damn deep basslines... wwuupp, wuup... it?s sooo fine!


DJ Koze: i feel it. thank you


DJ Sneak: great tracks


DJ W!ld: sexy , will play


dOp: very sexy A side !


DPlay: Puerto Rican Girls gefällt mir super! Top Release!


Dyed Soundorom: Superclass release! Really like both track!

thank you


Frack Roger: make me right make me feel nice !


Franklin Da Costa: beautiful ep.


Gruber & Nürnberg: "Puerto Rican Girls" is the one for me!!! Nice

tune...will play for sure!! Full Support....


Ivan Smagghe: now these guys are the real deep house. so many fakes,

good to hear the proper stuff.


Jan Krueger: CHAPEAU!!!!!! AND, YES - YOU MADE IT RIGHT!!!!!! BOTH



Joris Voorn: great work fro Melchior productions, as always!


Michel Leuffen: two a sides two touching epic house rides from two super

nice producers on a real greta label. What to say more!


Karotte: again great release on smallville. puerto rican girls is the

one. thanks for the vinyl.


Kasper: Both tracks are killers. Bruno, Melchior and Smallville is a

great combination!


Laurent Garnier: love track 1


Tsugi Mag: excellent one


Marco Resmann: "we make it right" is the one for me.


Margaret Dygas: super ;)!!!!!! i love! thank you!


Marko Nastic: really cool one1 like both mixes!


Marquese: 2 of my favourite producers releasing a collaboration on one

of my favourite labels. VERY VERY NICE!!! Will play it and definitly buy

the vinyl, too.


Martinez: awesome deep sounds... will play for sure!


Matt Star: very very cool release...full support from my side :) thx M


Matt Tofrey: I will be playing both these tracks in Detroit this week,

love them.


Matthias Meyer: schön schön. i like "we make it right"!


Mikael Stavöstrand: wowsa, absolutely fantastic songs!! love them both .


Minimono: what an incredible record! like both tracks, PuertoRicanGrils

is simpy amazing!


MS Elbe: warm and deep. as i like...


Mutlu: Perfect team!


Nick Curly: super release!


Norman Nodge: interesting, will check it out loud again


Oliver Klein: nice release.


Oskar Offermann: j lo's revenge to sugarcane candyland! ....brings out

the marc anthony in me!!!! :) L O V E!


Osunlade: nice one


Paulo Olarte: aja y lo boricua??? very nice ep!!!


Pheek: cool ep


Phil Sherbourne: oh man, that's trippy! fuck yeah.


Raresh: cool release !


Resoe: Killer release, will go straight in the box!!!!!!!


Ryan Crosson: Intense class


Seth Troxler: beautiful, so perfect so pure. loving every second of

puerto rican girls. great ep all around.


Sety: 2 tracks by 2 of my favourtie producers .. Sweet !!! Favourite is

the deep We Make it Right. Thanks a lot.


Seuil: amazing ep from the guys ,, love it..


Someone Else: really really great. i have a boner.


Soultourist: good stuff, gonna play


Superdefekt: nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very


Sven Tasnadi: really great ep. from melchior and both

tunes.thanks a lot. greets,Sven




Vincent Lemieux: Got the vinyl promo from Thomas a couple of weeks ago.

Really cool music. Fluffy and silky,. Can you expect less from those 2

guys? Great stuff from Smallville again. continue the great job....


Will Saul: Lush, detailed grooves that I will play and play.....


Yakine: Puerto Rican Girls love it ! , great collaboration on great

Label !!!


Dplay (Mildpitch, Running Back: “a seite gefällt mir super... top!”


giles smith: “I am always so happy to see a Smallville record in the box...lovely subtle grooves as usual. Doesn't dissapoint. ”


Sebo K (Mobilee): “great record! full support.”


Bearweasel: fucking ace, FULL support


Bloody Mary: beautiful


Brothers Vibe: Great combination - nice work!


Dirt Crew: puerto rican girls is great! thx


Ernesto Ferreyra: Super cool e.p. & very interesting collaboration ! will play both cuts.. thanks for the music!


Falko Brocksieper: outstanding release by two outstanding artists!


Lauhaus: loving puerto rican girls. full support!


Maik Loewen: Yeah! Awesome release! Love it :)


Patrick Bateman: fantastic release, and especially Puerto Rican Girls gets my blood running!


Patrick Zigon: great!! love both tracks - awesome production!


Paul Loraine: 2 great housers, will give these plays for sure 


Pawel: Puerto Rican Girls are very nice, I see.. :)


Ray Okpara: nice one. greetz rayray


Reboot: download thanks.


Shlomi Aber: another super cool release from this fantastic label .


Tini: two great producers together here! 


Todd Bodine: "Puerto Rican Girls" is amazing. love this track.


Tolga Fidan: this record has almost everything i like about 4/4 beat music...its just brilliant in its essence. thanks


Troy Pierce: luv it, need um, gotta have em.


Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “nice one.”

Little White Earbuds: “For their latest single, Hamburg’s Smallville Records reached well beyond its usual cohort of producers to host an unexpected collaboration by Thomas Melchior and Bruno Pronsato. Both are natural collaborators — Melchior with Baby Ford, Tim Hutton, and Bruno Maman; Pronsato alongside Daze Maxim, Sammy Dee, and Ninca Leece — and yet seeing their names linked by an ampersand was enough to elicit a double take. The confluence of Melchior’s understated, hypnotic house aesthetic and Pronsato’s loose, almost improvised arrangements certainly seemed like an alluring prospect. Perhaps Melchior would lend a bit of discipline to Pronsato’s more meandering compositions while Pronsato would help coax Melchior out of his supremely focused grooves. Sadly, Puerto Rican Girls, the fruits of their time together, doesn’t live up to the high standards set by their work apart. Throughout the EP it’s evident that Pronsato and Melchior have musical and personal chemistry, yet at times their sonic revelry comes across as hubris and a lack of editing. “Puerto Rican Girls” opens on a moonlit house groove of hand claps, playful bass lines and truly luscious Rhodes chords that makes you sit up and take notice. Vocals by Ninca Leece wonder, “When did I see you, when did I see you around the street?” The tune’s soft surface is scored with eruptions and arcs elicited from a tangled web of modular synth work. So when Pronsato interjects at the fourth minute, “You know this shit is dope,” I was incline to agree but perplexed at why it needed to be stated. All bets are off as Pronsato and his detuned shadow address “all y’all motherfuckers out there” between laughs, cues (“I’m going to wait for the Rhodes to come in”), and shouts, obscuring what was once a promising tune just because they could. Where “Puerto Rican Girls” seemed most under the direction of Pronsato, its flipside, “We Make It Right,” feels tighter and in the grips of Melchior. Its precisely clipped vocal snippets and Rhodes stabs are immediately recognizable as his, although its detached drum kit percussion and sunken vocals are Pronsato’s calling card. Pleasant if not particularly urgent, the track kicks into gear halfway through when hi-hats are followed by frantic progressions of what sounds like a hoarse flute and tingling synth tendrils. It seemed a weak finish for an otherwise satisfying track, as once again the inveterate producers put undo faith in elements that should have been left in the session’s dustbin. Steve Mizek | June 29th, 2010”

Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanze: “amazing!!!!my full support”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure, Wagon: “Puerto Rican Girls is fantastic. One of the best basslines I've heard in ages”

Richard Carnes (Resident Advis: “"Puerto Rican Girls" is nice enough with its restrained Rhodes and claps, but the ultra funky minimalism of "We Make It Right" really hits the spot. Great warm-up material.”

Ryan Keeling Resident Advisor: “Wonderfully intricate and moreover interesting release—as you might expect from these two. ”

Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes): “Top!”

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