Quince & Benny Rodrigues

“Novum (2017 Repress In Black Double Hol”

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(2017 Repress in Black Double Holed Sleeve) After Smallville rebuilt Hamburg House City with a lovely bunch of records, catalogue number 19 seems to be a big surprise. Amsterdam’s duo Quince (Delsin/ Rushhour) and Benny Rodrigues evolve an outstanding synthesis of a classic Detroit Techno Vibe and newest sound technology. With a bass blowing beast turning into deep space the A Side is created for dancefloor’s magic at its best. Based on strings, chords and 303 “Sweet Potatoes” on the B Side is a deeply kicking Detroit Electro tune. Awesome!

SMALLVILLE19 in the media

Feedback: “

Luciano: Downloaded. Cool! Thanx.


Margaret Dygas: super nice again :)!!! thank you!!


DJ Sneak: sweet potatoes sounds great, classic sounds


Jesse Rose: Download for Jesse Rose


Sascha Funke: trippy, i like


Brothers Vibe: Sweet Potatoes - LOVE IT! Nice work...


Raresh: 7up .. crazy crazy track


Karotte: i love it play this the last weeks. great.


Dave Ellesmere: 7 up for me .. lovely deep vibes


Butane: 7up, just what the doctor ordered.


Men In Trees: FULL SUPPORT!!!


Tood Bodine: Another BOMB on Smallville!!! "7up" is the one for me here. But "Sweet Potatoes" is really nice as well. Will play!


Oskar Offermann: mmmhhh raspberrycake with whipped cream.... yummie! :))


P.Toile: super release. will play for sure.


Tim Xavier: Very very cool,....313!!


Kiki: "7 up" is great!


Laurent Garnier: lovely ep. wil present on the radio 


Fred P: Smallville does it again nice release....


Osunlade: love this..


Josh Wink: was fortunate to have these for a while. And I was able to use 7UP on my Profound Sounds Mix CD 2 years ago! Still sounds great!


Technasia: Beautiful tracks. Support.


Martin Landsky: both tracks are cool...the electro groover sweet potatoes is my favourite here...


Daniel Stefanik: BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!


Gus Gus: 7up!


Mathias Mesteno: Loving the detroitesque vibe in this release...100 % support


Dave Turov: freaky yet reassuring great tracks!


Jens Bond: nice tracks, my fav is "7up" thanks!!!


Dplay: 7up gefällt mir super!


Dairmount: Late night Techno flavors of the highest order here.. Nice to see Benny & Quince united on Smallville.. Great work without a doubt!


Jennifer Cardini: like sweet potatoes !


Minimono: like sweet potatoes!!! fabio dela torre


Joris Voorn: 7Up is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!! One of the best this year, even though it's 5 years old.. Timeless!!!


Ryan Elliot: Really liking 7up!!


Axel Bartsch: sweet potatoes=delicious


Deetron: Sweet Potatoes is a beauty!


Adultnapper: digging the old school vibe of 7up. great dj tool. thanks


HD Substance: awesome as always from dirty old quince ...full support


John Tejada: really really nice! loving 7up and digging the classic acid eiffel/stella vibes of sweet potatoes. really good single. i will buy vinyl for sure.


Soukie & Windish: bigcity sounds from smallville. Schönes ding. sweet potatoes is what we play.


Seuil: great music, great label, thx!!


Chris Carrier: support the 7up great track


Alland Byallo: 7up is amazing! Another heater from Smallville, my favorite deep label!


Santiago Salzar: Dope EP. 7up is dark and deep and Sweet Potatoes is a nice balance.


Franck Roger: 7Up is what im goin to drink


Efdemin: I like this release.


Falko Brocksieper: loving it! great original detroitish vibe. thanks!


mnmlssgs blog: looking forward to this. smallville always welcome.


Yakine: Really nice release !!!! 808 rules !!! i'll play both track... thanks !!


Pheek: wonderful!


Jan Krueger: Amazing record!!! Love both tracks. Thanks a lot!!!!


Timo Maas: sweet potatos is great


Matt Star: sweet potatos for me...nice track for the late hours


Joel Mull: Lovely warm tech. 7 Up is nice and takes you on a nice ride. Feeling open blue skys and summer on this one. :D X Joel *


Afrilounge: LOOOOOVE this ep and will play both tracks!!! thanxxxx. Liefko / Afrilounge


Vincent Lemieux: Cool release. Deep stuff. And great atrwork.


Dario Zenker: wow! amazing record.totally love both tracks! thanks.


Gruber & Nürnberg: "Sweet Potatoes" is my favourite...will play for sure!!!! thanks... best Chris


JC Freaks: WOW "Sweet Potatoes", great old school electro vibe. Love it.


Sven Tasnadi: FETT!!!


Paul Lorraine: I'm such a fan of this label, and once again they deliver another cracker!!!


Anthony Collins: this is great smallville is always quality


Sian: outstanding!!very unique record!


Dan Drastic: i like both tracks very much. sweet potatoes i s a nice throwback in the 90ies


Benna Schneider: KILLER EP ! LOVE IT


Patrick Bateman: very nice release! 7up is the one for me!


Mark Henning: 7up is dope dope dope


Kasper: Smallville always lovely and deep. Love both cuts. Thanks a lot for this.


Tsugi Magazine: excellent


Efdemin (Dial): “excellent ep


Giles Smith (secretsundaze): “Smallville can do no wrong in my eyes. Always look forward to receiving one of their records in the package. Even when they move around style wise they come up trumps and this is just great. Love the super lo-ke, smooth a1. Will play tonight in Scotland.


Karotte: great again from the two dutch boys.


Nick Curly: good as always


Ryan Keeling Resident Advisor: “Not up to Smallville's usually high standards, but a welcome sidestep all the same. ”


Sebo K (Mobilee): “great release! full support.”


Tama Sumo: Very groovy, energetic track with wonderful atmosphere. One of my smallville favourites!!!


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