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“Cloverleaf Days”

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Bon & Rau are rainy city’s newcomer Jacques Bon and Christopher Rau. Jacques is originally from Paris and takes care of the Smallville recordstore in La Cité d’amour. He fell in love with Hamburg though when he first came there and calls St. Pauli a home since a little while now. While hanging at Smallville Record Store in Hamburg, he met Christopher Rau, who blew away the whole Smallville crew with his “Ne travaillez Jamais” on Dérive Records in 2008 and had his smallville debut with “Childhood” on Smallville 16. The youngsters teamed up as Bon & Rau and we are proud to present the 12″ debut of another Smallville dreamteam. Cloverleaf Days was already presented on the Smallville’s Label Compilation CD “And Suddenly it’s morning", that gained huge reputation last year- but it more than deserved an appearance on 12″ now. A reduced groove that takes you to somewhere unsearchable. The B-Side presents two versions of Brothers & Sisters- a modern house-anthem that twists into your ears with a subtle melody. The Poodle Dub on B2 rounds up a perfect 12″ with a tribute to Hamburg’s finest Golden Pudel Club. Three tracks that can definitely make the moment on the dancefloor.

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Feedback: “

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “great tracks again on smallville.”


Ellen Alien: brothers and cloverleaf are very nice..-..will play


DJ Koze: i like! thank you for the music


Raresh: cool tracks


Technasia: Excellent EP. Full support


Jens Bond: really nice grooves...thanks!!!


Mike Monday: great!


Shur-I-Khan: Liking this a lot!! Deep and warm


Klaus Fiehe: like the psychedelic looped Cloverleaf - will play it.


Electric Indigo: i love cloverleaf days! :-) thank you so much!


Tes/ Groove Mag: Killer Ep! All three tracks are living a jazzy idea of deepness that makes me float to a better place. Big one!


Misstress Barbara: brothers and sisters original mix very nice!!


Margaret Dygas: another grrrreat release!! i love! thanksss ;)


Mikael Stavöstrand: "Brothers & Sisters" Original Mix is really good .. nice smooth groove ..


Patrick Zigon: awesome deepness - love it!


Ryan Crosson: I like the poodle dub. thanks for sending =)


D'Julz: quality deep music as usual on smallville


Maik Loewen: Awesome as always! Just beautiful! Full support!


Kasper: always always always!! smallville always great and deep as i like it. Superb ep. 5/5 thanks so much!




Efdemin (Dial): “c'est très bon, génial! ”


Matthias Meyer: hello jungs, vielen lieben dank. die neue platte ist wieder großartig. dieses mal werd ich sogar alle spielen. super. big support!


Mathias Mesteno: Sheer quality..not much else to say!


Bearweasel: another infuriatingly great release for Smallville. thanks so much...x


Markus Kavka: ´cloverleaf days´ ist wunderschön deep und mystisch. das kriegen sie so fast nur auf smallville hin. immer wieder großartige reelases auf diesem top-label.


Sascha Funke: Cloverleaf days is it for me, timeless quality


Afrilounge: Brothers & Sisters orginal and dub!!! perfect for my late morning sets. love them!


Patrick Bateman: Brothers & Sisters, original, is my cut on this release. Great deep house!


Vincent Lemieux: deeeeeeeeep. will play. love the label!!!


Shlomi Aber: very cool ep , as always from smallville


Karotte: brothers & sisters original is very nice. love it.


Matt Star: fett !!!


Deetron: Cloverleaf Days is a really beautiful track, especially into the filtered hook. My fave is the Poodle Dub though and i'll play that most of the time.


Shonky: My fave is the original of Brothers & Sisters,beautiful track
thanks for it


Gus Gus: niiiice p.b.


Anton Zap: poodle dub is my choice. thank you!


Sebo K: brothers & sisters is sweet! will play!


Dplay: killer ep von jacques & christopher!!! alle 3 tracks gefallen mir super und werden wie immer gespielt..


Audision: i like best: b&s - poodle dub - nice for the beginning


Chris Lattner: cool dubby stuff for warm up sets! will play them.


Patrick Chadronnet: schön deep und wundervoll im beat ,poodle dub,goil!!!


Florian Meindl: cloverleaf days is nice


Sian: great,another modern classic from smallvilles world.


John Tejada: cloverleaf days has a really cool atmosphere. very nice track. thanks


Markus Fix: Cloverleaf Days is beautiful...




Falko Brocksieper: alle drei nummern sind supergeil & speziell !


Gruber & Nürnberg: Our favourite is "Brothers & Sisters original" really nice house tune...we'll play for sure! Full Support!!!


Jimpster: Absolutely love this! All tracks are heavy. will definitely be playing out.


Sven Tasnadi: all three tracks quality deep music...thanks guys:)


Goldwill: Wow, Cloverleaf Days...makes me feel so good, like some really lucky guy. Must have been 4 of them, you know...
Also feeling the Poodle Dub, would love to know how it might sound like in the old dog's cavern. Thank you, Aera // Goldwill


Chris Carrier: nice release


Osunlade: right up my alley..deep down and durty!!!


Todd Bodine: Great ep!!! I love all tracks. I will play.


Alland Byallo: Nice and smooth I like the title cut the most, and the Poodle Dub too. All the tracks are lovely, but those are the ones I'll play the most. Another great release from Smallville!


Dario Zenker: amazing record.totally love it!


JC Freaks: Like Brthers & Sister Original Mix. Nice groove.


Dairmount: Absolutely lovely release.. Will play all tracks on this for sure... Pure butter!


Anthony Colllins: dub mix is great !!!


Tristen: awesome!


Butane: nice music.


Tsugi Mag: yes !!!!!!


Stacey Pullen: cloverleaf days beautifullly done!


Brothers Vibe: Brilliant!! What else can I say - :)


Jose Belo - Dance Club Portugal: lovely tracks again from one of the

most avant garde labels around.


Funk D'Void: Brothers and sisters original mix is nice


Phillip Sherbourne: Feeling this! All three tracks are tight, and sit

really nicely in the mix....


Steve Bug: yo brothers and sister listen what bon & rau have to say! rockin' and very fresh filter disco track! looove this! also the poodle dub and cloverleaf are nice!


The Mountain People: brothers&sistas orig, wonderful stuff


Stacey Pullen: cloverleaf days beautifullly done!


Martin Landsky: the classy housey brothers and sisters is niceeeee.....!!!!


Mark Henning: great deep tracks as always - thanks!


Fresh Meat / Berlin Mitte Ins: “Big release, loving it! All 3 tracks. The loopy long track on the a-side .. wicked ! Smallville, definately my favourite label at the monent. Thanks for this !”


Jeremy P Caulfield: Yeah cool .. thanks .. !


Kiki: "cloverlief days" reminds me nicely of motorbass. sweet... and also feelin the poodle dub


DJ W!ld: Cloverleaf Days 've good atmo , will play


Ian Pooley: Brothers&Sisters is the Bomb , reminds me of some old chicago stuff !


H.O.S.H.: lovely tracks. especially the poodle dub!




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