Sven Tasnadi, Christopher Rau

“Winter, Childhood”

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Due to the long awaited CD Compilation release “And Suddenly It’s Morning” Smallville comes up with a third 12inch issue. The label’s darling Sven Tasnadi, also known from his releases on Ornaments, Poker Flat, Cargo, Oh!Yeah! and Liebe*Detail, lightens up the dancefloor with a bright sparkling groover- new villalobosish moves with a deep emotional fill on the A-side. On the flipside we welcome the highly talented newcomer Christopher Rau to the smallville label-roster. Christopher is a friend who hangs out at smallville record store in Hamburg a lot. With friends he runs the Hamburg/ Munich based label Dérive and delighted us and everyone with his “Ne Travaillez Jamais” Track earlier this year. For his debut on smallville Christopher creates a reduced seductive track, subtly growing to total sweetness on the floor. And suddenly it’s morning… A w&p by Sven Tasnadi B w&p by Christopher Rau

SMALLVILLE16 in the media

Adam Marshall: “"winter is a nice dark highway track..."”

Adultnapper: “"Nothing bad I could possibly say about this release other than the fact that its meant to be played on vinyl for sure. Cant wait to buy it!! Such a wicked release. Beautiful deep plaintive vibes here. Will play to death. thanks." ”

Agnes: “"Lovely new smallville ! sure play over here !" ”

Alland Byallo: “"I love Smallville!!! Another high quality release. The finest deepness on the planet. I'm convinced that there's 2 Svens... he must have a clone to be making this much FAT stuff so consistently and so frequently!" ”

Anthea: “"love Christopher Rau mix... will play!" ”

Anthony Collins: “"both tracks are superb"”

Atjazz: “"wow, gunna drop this at ADE. winter is really lush, everyone into techhouse/deephouse needs this track. both tracks are very nice indeed." ”

Axel Bartsch: “"sven is one of my favorite producers this year and he scores again! it?s not my favorite tune of him but i still love it! this is what i call deep"”

Bearweasel: “"absolutely killer, as always from Smallville - full support.. thanks for sending." ”

Brothers Vibe: “"Amazing record! Will be supporting all the way : ) Tks 4 tha muzik :)" ”

Dan Drastic: “"sven again!! nice work as always. the christopher rau track is also very cool" ”

DeWalta: “"nice record for sure! my fav is the winter. thanx for promo. greetz. d" ”

DPlay: “"childhood from christopher is my is my it! thx" ”

Efdemin (Dial): “after "silent state", smallville puts out another timeless classic with christopher raus track "childhood". amazing - overwhelming. dope. ”

Einzelkind: “like childhood !”

Electric Indigo: “"sehr schöner release! mein favorit ist childhood - superdeep, mit dieser gewissen melancholischen atmosphäre :) danke!" ”

Ellen Alien: “childhood..very sweet allien”

Franklin Da Costa: “"christopher rau! if my childhood would have sounded like that ))" ”

Gregor Tresher: “"Sven Tasnadis Track is great, will play everwhere!" ”

Gruber & Nürnberg: “"Two very nice dreamy house tracks! I like them a lot and will play for sure! I can't say which one is the best, I like both! Chris" ”

GusGus: “"really good stuff.. president bongo"”

Hot Chip: “"Great tracks from a great label..."”

Italoboyz: “"very beautiful electronic music!" ”

Jan Kühn Berlin Mitte Institut: “sehr schön! habs direkt als zweite platte in der sendung gespielt.”

JC Freaks: “"proper deepness. great tracks. support here!"”

Jeremy Caulfield: “"As usual perfect mellow distance .. S P A C E :::::::............................ ....... ., ö." ”

Johnny D: “"Christopher's " Childhood" is so deep as nice!!! Pure love...." ”

Josh Wink: “Sven's track is a hypnotic ethereal tech house groover. And Christoper Rau's track is a basic mellow house song that just builds and pulses. Will be playing both out. Another good smallville release.”

Kabale und Liebe: “ "childhood is very nice!" ”

Karotte: “"once again one beautiful track from mr. tasnadi. love it." ”

Kasper: “"Always Always Always! Smallville is guarantee of class and deepness. Love both cuts but my favourite is Christophers. Thanks a lot" ”

Laurent Garnier: “"lovely deepness , will play in my early sets"”

Marco Resman: “"5 points! i love childhood!" ”

Margaret Dygas: “"naiiis :)thank you" ”

Osunlade: “"winter, nice the beats on childhood... good selections"”

Paolo Olarte: “"great split ep!!!" ”

Patrick Bateman: “"Really REALLY nice ep from the smallville recordstore! Love it, both sides are great!"”

philip sherburne: “more gorgeousness from smallville -- they're having a banner year! love both tracks.”

Ptoile: “"sehr schoener release. nicht enttaeuscht worden von Sven Tasnadi."”

Resoe: “"Super EP from one of my favourite labels!!!!!!! Both tracks are super." ”

Sascha Funke (Bpitch Control): “the sven tasnadi track is it for me”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “beautiful ep! another great smallville release!”

Seth Troxler: “"always been a fan sven work, really like this will support." ”

Shonky: “Really nice deep tracks,perfect for the early mornings”

Shur-I-Khan: “"mellow stuff, cool vibe - reckon could be a real grower this one." ”

Stacey Pullen: “"deep slow groove= equal good music" ”

Steve Bug: “"it is fall, winter is coming. for sven winter is coming big time! i remember from my childhood that sometimes it snows in winter. i like snow! it is so white... christopher's childhood seems to be a little sad, maybe he is living somewhere where it is dark and cold all the time. but maybe that is a good thing, because if he would live in a sunny country maybe he wouldn't produce such nice tracks. ..and to make a long story short - great ep! : ) thanks" ”

Tiefschwarz: “i play winter”

Tim Xavier: “"Tracks are great, I'll play winter, and I like the cover art!" ”

Tini: “"LOVE IT" ”

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