Move D & Benjamin Brunn

“Honey (2017 Repress In Black Double Hole”

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2017 Repress in Black Double Holed Sleeve Tracklist: A Honey B1 Melons B2 After The Rain After building up a unique state of the art sound since ages- including records on labels such as Bine, Source, Modern Love, Uzuri, Warp and many others- Move D and Benjamin Brunn come along with a Single on Smallville to tease their forthcoming album “Songs from the Beehive". The Honey EP takes a short trip into the world of two ultraspecial producers. Benjamin Brunn and Move D cut these three pieces from their ultradeep live jams and the result is magical. The deeply kicking “Honey” is already proved by Smallville’s Lawrence: “How crazy can the panorama bar get!". His flatmate Efdemin prefers the “Melons": “Thats the deep shit for life!!". And Golden Pudel Chief Ralf Köster is amazed about his new ambient number one “After the rain". In the end Move D and Benjamin Brunn put together what belongs together looking forward to their big album in 2008.

SMALLVILLE08 in the media

2000 and One: “the smallville reminds me of the stuf i did in the 90's accept they are more adavance. realy into this stuff nice gr, 2000 and One”

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “Really into B1 here. Very very deep and dubby. Must sound wicked on a big system. Will definitely support.”

C-Rock (Stir 15): “my favourite smallville so far! A-Side is serious MoveD bit. Very nice ending of the tune! "melons" is cool, too. C++”

Debug (GER): “Move D feiert ja mal wieder ein Comeback und zusammen mit Benjamin Brunn macht er hier 2 sehr rockende Tracks die trotz rasantem Tempo noch einiges an Tiefe zu bieten haben und die Sequenzen sehr locker über den plockernd improvisierten Groove schweben lassen. Definitiv Tracks, in denen der Raum ganz weit wird und man besinnunglos eintauchen kann, und dann stellen die Tracks einiges mit einem an, entführen einen in weite melodische Szenerien, lassen einen Acid mitschnurren und bringen wie auf der Rückseite noch den ganzen Rest der Dubtechno Posse auf neue Gedanken. bleed•••••”

DJ Gio MC-505: “My track on this new Smallville is, for sure, "Honey": a powerfull techno-groovy with melodic chords. If you are looking for energy you absolutely need tracks like this!”

Dj Koze (International Pony): “sehr schöne maxi. mir gefällt vor allem die B-seite !!Danke”

Dj Mag (UK): “A taster for Move D and Brunn’s new album, ‘Honey’ lives up to its title, but there is a sting in its tail. While the duo’s live approach yields warm, spacey chords, a sparse, arcing, acid-tinged rhythm track lends these musical elements considerable weight. On the flip, ‘Melons’ is less dance floor focused, however, it is impossible not to be moved by its swirling, dubby textures. Richard Brophy 4/5”

Dj Misk (AltroVerso / Italy): “i will play 'melons' because is a bit more original than 'honey'.”

Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels_: “Love this great stuff. Cheers”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “schöne platte mal wieder von smallville. für die gewissen stunden genau das richtige:-)”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “very deep atmospheric ep will play on the radio ”

Philip Sherburne: “Any month there's a new Move D release is a good month indeed! Deep, hypnotic acid on the A-side; deep, hypnotic house on the B. I could listen to this all day.”

Raresh: “fine music ... for fine people ”

Resisdent Advisor NET: “DJs who make a beeline for the Move D section in record shops are usually deep house heads—his recent 12-inches have ranged from bass-driven and bumpin’ (‘Got Thing’ on Philpot) to austere and bumpin’ (‘Quit Quttin’’ on Uzuri) to sampledelic and bumpin' (‘Track 1’ on Workshop). But there are other sides to Move D, many of which show themselves in collaboration. He’s made piles of ambient records with Pete Namlook, he releases jazz records as Conjoint, and this month alone he’s putting out a CD of radio play soundtracks with writer Thomas Meinecke. This latest Move D record is also a collaboration, this time with ambient techno producer Benjamin Brunn. The pair have made one album before (Let’s Call it a Day, BineMusic, 2006), which I have not heard, but judging by this excellent 12-inch it’s going straight on the list. The key to the sound is the label, Smallville, which like fellow Hamburg imprint Dial, is all about crossing deep house signifiers with lush ambient atmospherics. Reported to be culled from a series of live jams, the 12-inch gets the balance right between Move D’s house impulse and Brunn’s liquid notes on the b-side ‘Melons’, one of the more sonically deep tracks of recent times. It’s ten minutes of warm, delicate groove and curling buzzpads that’s so lush and luxuriant it makes the record sound one centimetre thick. Elsewhere there is a beatless ambient piece, ‘After the Rain’, which is also gorgeous but just one minute long, and ‘Honey’, which seems heavily indebted to Minilogue’s recent brand of improvised squiggle funk. I’m not so convinced about the direction of the latter, but ‘Melons’ is worth price of entry alone, hitting a sweet spot that’s both achingly simple and totally necessary at a time when European house music is trumpeting austere emptiness as a virtue. Fill your ears up with this.”

Reynold (Trenton): “The A1 is totally Awesome!!! played it a few times already.. good tool! ”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “another great release on smallville. full support!”

skat ( karat/circus, fr): “"A1 is a wonderful deep 'acid' track. I started a set at Rex club with it last week : Amazing ! I love to listen to this ep during the day, walking in the streets, very hypnotic !! The atmosphere and the textures are brilliant. very good work Full support, i play it, chart it too." ”

Stefan Goldmann (Macro): “Melons is great! Will test that live. Honey would be awesome without the pads...”

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