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“Tonight Will Be Fine Ep”

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What could be better than selling records at the finest recordshop called Smallville in the beautiful city of Hamburg? Exactly- producing deeply rooted dancemusic with a best friend for the Smallville label! Julius Steinhoff, owner of the Smallville imprint comes along with Abdeslam Hammouda to spread the beats. After their debut track on the label’s number one Steinhoff & Hammouda hit back with three outstanding tracks. The storytelling A Side with its lovely marimba basis on a minimal housegroove lasts with a surprisingly second part where symphonic strings just melt your heart. The chordish and ultralow B1 makes Steinhoff & Hammouda kind of the Omar- S from Hamburg. B2 comes with sweetest sounddesign and a minimal beat, that makes this tune the never-put-it-out-of-your-case standard. For those who adore the new Detroit deephouse movement around Jus-Ed, Dj Qu, the Black Jazz Consortium, Marcellus Pittman and Omar-S, this is just the new step. Tonight Will Be Fine…

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Debug (GER): “Immer ein Klassiker so eine Smallville. Die Tracks von Steinhoff und Hammouda beginnen die A-Seite mit einem vielseitigen Xylophon und damit ist die Heimat eigenlich schon klar. Sehr warmer Sound und so nachtblind wie schön. Die Tiefe wird auf der Rückseite mit "You Are" und den murmelnden Strings dann noch weiter ausgelotet und das leicht oldschoolige Detroitstück "Tonight Will Be Fine" rundet die Platte leicht dramatisch ab. bleed •••••”

DJ Gio MC-505: “Really smashing tune for who adore the new deep-house movement (like me!). My favourite is absolutely "You Are", fine music for fine people.”

Giles Smith: “What a lovely ep...just puuuuuurrrfect! Full review in DJ to follow”

Groove Mag (GER): “Smallville enttäuscht einen nie. Guter Plattenladen auf der einen Seite, Plattenlabel mit qualitativ superbem Output auf der anderen. „Tonight Will Be Fine“ von Labelbesitzer Julius Steinhoff und erklärtem besten Freund Abdeslam Hammouda ist da keine Ausnahme. Die A-Seite „Wondering While Wandering“ erzählt eine zauberhaft verträumte Geschichte auf einem minimalen Housegroove und versetzt vor allem mit Streichereinsatz ab der zweiten Hälfte Herzen in Verzückung und Mundwinkel in Bewegung. „You Are“ schiebt sich reduziert über karge Soundlandschaften, und das titelgebende Stück „Tonight Will Be Fine“ ist allerschönster Deephouse. Mit dieser Platte wird wirklich jede Nacht herrlich.”

IDJ Mag (UK): “After a couple of fairly average releases, Hamburg’s Smallville hit their stride again with this gently pulsing three tracker. ‘You Are’ is dubbily plaintive, ‘Tonight Will Be Fine’ is mournful, string-led melancholia, and ‘Wondering While Wandering’ is very much in the quasi-classical mould of label boss Lawrence. All are lovable nuggets of deeper dancefloor gold.”

Jimpster (Freerange): “This is a beautiful EP full of some really emotive late night electronic music. All three tracks are excellent.”

Josh Wink (Ovum): “more deep sexy tech house. Not for every set. But, a treat to have and play. Been trying out all cuts. Good for the long sets.. Early sets, late sets. Good stuff from Smallville! W”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “beautifull deepness i love the 3 tracks ”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “einfach: schön!”

Resident Advisor Net: “Sometimes, the stars align for a label. In 2007, everything seemed to come together for Dial. In 2008, there are inklings of something like that happening for Smallville. Tonight Will Be Fine, the debut of label owners Steinhoff and Hammouda, draws the listener into a field of similarities with Pigon’s wonderful Promises EP from last year. In fact (and I mean this as a compliment) this could almost be a ‘lost’ Pigon EP, and certainly wouldn’t be out of place in the Dial catalogue. Like more recent Dial output (‘05 onwards), it’s all about the focus on the intricacies of lean, interlocking melodic elements and sound planes, and long tracks comprised of several movements working together to form a complex composition full of large spaces and carefully built moments. ‘Wondering While Wandering’, the A-side (which plays at fully fat, rich 45rpm on the vinyl version), begins with soft vibes bounced through some short delay interspersed with light stabs that slowly mesh into a building groove driven by dry, clicking percussion. After pausing for breath with a fall-away, the drums build again, this time joined by a sombre synth wash. Both tracks on the flip follow in similar form, ‘You Are’ with a slightly more old school drum sound, and the title track with a gloomy and prototypically ‘Detroit-y’ melody, perfect for those steel-skied afternoons. Overall, this EP sits very comfortably in the Dial mould and should satisfy anyone interested in hearing an emerging direction based in this sound. For a debut EP, the quality of the compositions here is really exceptional—expect big things from this duo (and their label) as they continue to develop their own unique voice.”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “Thank you for the music!!! wieder wunderschöne Produktion .. I love it! ”

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