Tristan E

“Golden Nights”

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A fresh talent joins the growing Dessous family. After two releases on Suburban Knightz as Kawohl & Towers as well as Kawohl & Poszgay in 1999 and 2001 the 1976 born Timm Kawohl establishes his new project Tristan E. on Dessous Recordings. Delivering three tracks of deep flowing Housemusic he is referring to what Hoousemusic was meant to do in its early days - keep the crowd dancing. Without the use of blatant melodies or filter orgies all tracks are based on a kind of hypnotic minimalism, decent organ stabs and floating string arrangements. Avoiding flamboyant parts and obvious breakdowns Tristan E.‘s unobstrusive production technique and style makes him a perfect supplementation for the Dessous roster.

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