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You have reached the Infolines. Tonight, you will be given links to preview a reverence to the venues that helped shape an industry and generations of musical technological wizardry. ‘Packard’ features a compilation of cuts fitting to the experiences by those who once frequented the halls of Detroit’s urban decay. Bendersnatch, kicks things off with a ‘Homage’ fitting of the mainstay venue paying reverence to the classic Detroit Techno sound. ADMN’s Machine 8 shows a lust for a bass grind synonymous with the engines machined in the halls of its urban decay. Remote Viewing Party’s minimal break ‘fuxwiddit’ whistles echo to us through the warehouse former machine shops. Maxlow makes sure you ‘heard’ what they must say pushing air from the subs ensuring you feel the room. Keep an eye on this space and be sure to call in for the waypoint to the party. Track Listing: A1 - Bendersnatch - Vice Versa (Original Mix) A2 - Remote Viewing Party Feat Ezuch & Bcota - Outpost (Original Mix) B1 - Dev-Lish, Maxlow - Faith In The Machine (Original Mix) B2 - Francois Dillinger - Lost Loops (Original Mix)

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