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“Stream State /4x12"lp+ 22 Track & Dj Mix”

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Genre: Techno 4 x 12′’ LP set, 2 printed inserts, download card including additional continuous DJ mix by Inland and 4 bonus tracks - Exclusive new tracks by Efdemin, Peter Van Hoesen, Joel Mull, Jamaica Suk, DJ Skull, Inland, Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit, Rhyw, Johanna Knutsson, Perm, Sophia Saze & more - First official Compilation by Inland aka Ed Davenport, download card includes 4 Bonus Tracks and as well a DJ Mix. this makes: - 22 exclusive full tracks by 23 artists (18 on 4 vinyl and 4 Bonus Tracks on Download Card) - Includes printed artwork by Brooklyn based painter Erik Minter. Tracklist 4 x 12″: DISC I A1. Johanna Knutsson - Synthsakral 03:14 A2. Efdemin - Sequence 100 05:44 A3. Sophia Saze - Same Sane 05:28 B1. DJ Skull - Good Pain 07:38 B2. Patrik Skoog - Echophenomena 06:00 DISC II A1. Inland - Overthebrainbow 07:49 A2. Joel Mull - Cerritulus 05:36 B1. Arbitrage - HON 07:11 B2. Peter Van Hoesen - Twin Motive 05:08 DISC III A1. P. Lopez - Power G 05:22 A2. Perm - Busak 07:22 B1. Aiken - Second Law 06:02 B2. Jamaica Suk - Drumtaktics 06:13 DISC IV A1. Rhyw - Chisel 05:50 A2. Tripeo - Humble Bragging 05:37 B1. Fred Mann - Nacre 04:18 B2. Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit - MBDC 4 04:52 B3. Distant Echoes - Todo Muere (Edit) 04:45 Digital Bonus Tracks are: BNJMN - Bayou Boddika & Inland - Donít Dream Felix Fleer - Itís Ending DJ Sodeyama - Test PTTRN 026 Short Info: British DJ and producer Inland (Ed Davenport) has compiled and mixed ‘Stream State’, his biggest project to date, bringing together over 20 artists in a DJ-ready compilation of colourful, diverse modern techno on his label Counterchange. Complete with an addional 90 minute continuous mix by Inland himself (On Download Card), the project celebrates over 15 years behind the decks and cements Davenport’s reputation not only as a tireless force in the studio, but as a trusted selector and curator of conte

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